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Important pre-RFP Announcement from HelloJets!


📢 HelloJets is actively seeking to dry lease two narrow-body aircraft, with a preference for Boeing 737-800, but considering also the Airbus A320. As advocates of professionalism and ethical practices, we want to share crucial guidelines for the upcoming RFP.

💡 Key Points to Note:

1. Verify HelloJets' Legitimacy:

While HelloJets is a well-established player in the aviation industry, we strongly advise conducting your due diligence. Validate our credentials, financial standing, safety records, and reputation. Thoroughly research HelloJets to ensure that your organization is entering into a reliable partnership.

2. Determine Your Compatibility:

Before expressing your interest in this RFP, carefully assess how well your organization aligns with HelloJets' specific requirements. Evaluate your capabilities, experience, and resources to ensure that you can meet HelloJets' expectations and deliver the necessary services.

3. Safeguard Confidentiality:

Please exercise caution when engaging in confidential discussions, sharing sensitive information, or negotiating contracts in the context of the HelloJets RFP.

4. Maintain Professionalism and Transparency:

Throughout the RFP process, uphold high standards of professionalism. Communicate transparently, provide accurate information, and set realistic expectations to foster trust and integrity between your organization and HelloJets.


🤝 Connect with HelloJets:

Express Your Interest and be among the first to receive updates.

Email us at:

LinkedIn: Connect for timely information.

🤝 We appreciate your attention and cooperation. Let's make this RFP process a success for all stakeholders involved!

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