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Our fleet consists solely of Boeing 737, a globally acknowledged top commercial jetliner. Ideal for short- to medium-distance journeys, this aircraft is renowned for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Boeing 737-800 is a popular aircraft in the fleets of many ACMI companies. This twin-engine narrow-body jet is an advanced model in the 737 series, with a passenger capacity of up to 189. 


BOEING 737 800

Serial Nr.: 35101

Model type: 737-8FH

MTOW: 75,976 kg

MLW: 65317 kg (MLM)

Eng. Type: CFM56-7B26/3

Crew: 2+4

Seating: 189 Y/C


BOEING 737 700

Serial Nr.: 33465

Model type: 737-7K2

MTOW: 70,080 kg

MLW: 58604 kg (MLM)

Eng. Type: CFM56-7B22

Crew: 2+3

Seating: 148 Y/C

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