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HelloJets has been awarded the EASA Part-145 Certification


We are thrilled to announce that HelloJets has been awarded the EASA Part-145 Authorization by the Romanian CAA. This is a significant milestone for us!

Our team's commitment, late-night efforts, and belief in our mission have paved the way to this achievement. The Part-145 is more than just a certification. It's the foundation of our airline and a testament to our team's expertise, our commitment to safety, and our pursuit of excellence in all we do.

This victory is a collective win for every single HelloJets team member from our skilled technicians, to our incredible administrative teams who navigated the certification process with precision.

We'd also like to thank our fantastic partners and stakeholders for their critical contributions and unwavering support.

This certification unlocks new possibilities for us to enhance our services and embark on exciting new journeys. It's a leap towards achieving even grander visions together.

We couldn't have achieved this milestone without your ceaseless dedication, hard work, and commitment. Together, we've accomplished something truly remarkable, and we believe this is just the starting line of our journey to even more significant achievements.

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